We would suggest a deep clean prior to the beginning of the

season to ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned,

aired and checked in readiness for the first guests arrival.

Phone: 055-612-3711 (whatsApp)

Holiday Homes Cleaning

Holiday homes or short term rentals are a major service industry in Dubai that demands a high standard of cleanliness, hygiene and well organized. You need to uphold the highest cleanliness standards, offering clean public spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and amenities. We recognize the difficulties you face managing a short term rental and formed a dedicated team of cleaners who will take care of the cleaning and organizing your property. Our team will get your property ready for the guests.

We spruce up the place paying attention to the bathroom and kitchen, and will make sure the surface is spotlessly clean. We leave the property free of any dirt, dust or signs of previous occupants. Our team will replace the used linens with the fresh ones for upcoming guests. Also, we will empty the dust bins and keep everything tidy.

We are comfortable in working tight time frames seven days a week. Even if you have an emergency cleaning requirement our team can cover you efficiently. We can clean up the rooms and prepare them for next visitors. Everything will be done to your satisfaction.