If You Don’t Know the Difference Between Sanitizing and Disinfecting,

You Might Not Be Cleaning Properly.



Sometimes just cleaning touchable surfaces with soap and water is just not enough to keep the place clean, hygienic, and safe. This makes the sanitizing and disinfecting necessary where the germs and microorganisms are eliminated. We are providing professional sanitizing and disinfecting services in Dubai using Dubai municipality approved chemicals and German-made Kärcher technology. Sanitizing is a process that lessens and even kills germs on surfaces to make them safe for contact. Disinfecting requires a much stronger chemical to destroy all the germs. Sanitizers are chemicals that can kill 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds while disinfectant is products that can destroy all organisms in 10 minutes.

How we do sanitizing and disinfecting?

We use disinfectant Huwa San 25 based on hydrogen peroxide which is a transparent, colourless and odourless liquid. Huwa-San25 is a broad spectrum disinfectant for all kinds of surfaces (floors, walls, tables, pipe lines, and equipments). We use hospital-grade surface disinfector for disinfecting the surfaces for elimination of viruses and sanitization of the surfaces. The chemical is safe to use around children and pets as it is food grade. Huwa San 25 is skin safe, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

The main steps involved are:

Stage 1 : All the surfaces are cleaned and wiped down to remove all the dirt or dust particles accumulated.

Stage 2 : The sanitizing solution is sprayed on the surfaces and left for 10- 15 minutes to dissolve and absorbed.

Stage 3 : The final step is to wipe all wet areas where the sanitizing solution was sprayed.

We use a compact and robust steam cleaner which offers outstanding power and certified disinfection. Steaming is done for furnitures, sofas, mattresses to get it sanitized. According to studies, steam cleaning eliminates 99.99% of common household bacterias. Steam has such a strong effect. Steaming is the best way of sanitizing and disinfecting than any other method using chemicals. It is more efficient and environment-friendly as it uses no chemical cleaning agents and low water consumption. Understanding this we choose to do steaming for delivering a hygienic clean in Dubai.

We sanitize and disinfect all the kitchen area, washroom, utensils, all the rooms and furnitures without time-consuming scrubbing and polishing. If you think your house or office requires disinfecting and sanitizing in Dubai, Call us on 06-7437004.